Telecom Consulting & Design For Global Enterprises

Who We Are

D-Quattro is a national Network Services firm headquartered in Dallas, TX. Founded in 2004, we are positioned to offer Enterprise clients a full range of services “Focused On Networks”, through comprehensive TEM and turnkey outsourcing on a Global scale. Our core focus is designing and sourcing Voice, Data, Internet, Wireless, and Cloud infrastructure at the local, national, and international levels.

Comprised of seasoned executives with over a century of collective experience, we are experts in strategic sourcing, network transformation, rate reviews, engineering analysis, optimization and TEM engagements. We help our clients reduce costs, improve operational performance, and leverage innovative approaches to solve simple to complex sourcing objectives

Our Core Services


Telecom & Technology Procurement

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D-Quattro offers large enterprise and global clients a full range of voice, data, internet, wireless, cloud and technology procurement services.


Network Design / Build

We know how to build networks – in fact D-Quattro operates our own fiber network serving some of the most respected Fortune 50 and large enterprise customers in the world.


Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

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D-Quattro’s Telecom expense management (TEM) services can help you quickly gain visibility into your communications spend patterns and identify areas for short term and long term savings


Enterprise Cloud

Enterprise Cloud for the Smart CIO – From SaaS to IaaS to PaaS, and everything in between.  We are experts in high-performance Cloud infrastructure.


Cloud Contact/Call Center Consulting

D-Quattro’s contact/cell center consulting services focus on creating exceptional live and self-service environments for global enterprises.


Veteran Outreach Services

Working in conjunction with Honor&Hire, D-Quattro provides employment and outplacement services to Military Veterans.

Why Choose D-Quattro

Significant & Unique Experience In The Telecom Industry

D-Quattro is unique in that we advise companies, make investments in our own right and also take hands-on management responsibility for operations.

Respected By Our Customers and Vendors

D-Quattro is highly respected as honest, fair, and unbiased within large organizations and our deep portfolio of enterprise vendors

Able to Provide Technology & Strategic Assistance To Clients

D-Quattro is positioned to offer Enterprise clients a full range of services “Focused On Networks” from agnostic procurement on a global scale

We Are Your Telecom Experts

We are highly experienced telecom finance consultants, engineers and executives. Each one achieving success in C-Level roles – bringing to the table billions of dollars of financial transaction experience

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